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Korea: Residents of Pyeongtaek to Receive Compensation for Military Noise Pollution

PYEONGTAEK, Jan. 3 (Korea Bizwire)

About 63,000 residents of Pyeongtaek will receive monthly compensation for noise pollution coming from a military airport in the city, officials said Monday.

According to the government of Pyeongtaek, a city about 70 kilometers south of Seoul, the residents of 10 administrative units, including Sinjang and Paengseong districts, will receive monthly compensation from August under the military noise pollution compensation act which took effect last year.

compensation for aircraft noise korea
compensation for aircraft noise korea

South Koreans and foreigners who have been registered as residents of the districts between Nov. 27, 2020, and Dec. 31, 2021, are eligible for compensation application.

A monthly settlement of 60,000 won (US$50.30) will be provided per resident living in an area suffering noise pollution of 95 wecpnl or higher, 45,000 won for pollution of between 90 wecpnl and 95 wecpnl and 30,000 won for pollution of between 80 wecpnl and 90 wecpnl.

Wecpnl is a comprehensive unit measuring aircraft noise levels.

The city’s deliberation committee will review the applications and deliver the results by May, officials said.